Why is it important to have your backflow tested every year?

No one looks forward to getting the letter in the mail. Has it been a year already? Didn't we just have that thing tested? Sound familiar?

Consider the alternative for a moment. A backflow device prevents water from leaving your property and returning to the water distribution system. Think of all the things people use water for. Would you like to drink the water that has been sitting in a warehouses fire sprinkler system for five years? What about the water that your local restaurant uses to mop the floor? Do you want that to come out of your shower head? Perhaps the best example would be the farmer who mixes fertilizer with his irrigation water. Would you mix up your babys formula with that water? Me neither. Fortunately, our community has a backflow prevention program in place. Stagnant fire system water, waste water, mixes of water and who-knows-what all stay exactly where they should because responsible people like you maintain their backflow devices. So this year when you get the letter in the mail, try to remember how many times in the last year you turned on the tap and got pure, safe, clean water.